Points of Entelechy

Lutfi Othman and Mario Radev presents 'Points of Entelechy’, a loop-based improvised audio visual performance. Each performance creates feedback between sonic and visual art, exemplifying the fluidity between the two art forms. As artists, Mario and Lutfi are equally interested in the beauty of the process of making art as much as they are in the product itself. They have intentionally created this performance technique with the intention of revealing their artistic process to an audience that would engage with each performance as both a consumer and a creator of the artistic experience. With the spontaneous production of sound and transforming image, the audience participates in the act of production itself as being witness to the process allows them to encounter how each visual element is linked to an element in the sound, and vice versa. In this way, in each performance, the artists endeavour to provide for an experience of entering into an imagined environment, one that the audience can explore and create their own narratives to, thus enabling them to create a world for themselves.

Each performance begins with a random sound loop, which Lutfi establishes spontaneously, as the base of composition/performance. Mario’s improvised visuals are the manifestation of his reaction to Lutfi’s sounds, capturing the fluidity of sound itself by translating it into a visual corporeality. The seemingly random lines that he marks on the canvas eventually form abstract, yet almost recognisable figures. When Mario starts redefining the drawings, his counterpart reacts to the transforming figures through audio manipulation and the introduction of more sounds. Throughout the performance, the improvised gestures of the two artists takes the audience through scenes of moments of merger and separation of sound and visual, providing for an experience that is both enjoyable and challenging.


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